About Us

The Queen Anne Community Council (QACC) represents over 30,000 Seattleites within a planning area encompassing boundaries defined by Dexter Ave on the east, Denny Way on the south, Elliott Ave on the west, and the Lake Washington Ship Canal on the north.  The QACC is the steward of our Queen Anne Neighborhood Plan that for over 30 years has provided guidance and stability concerning our commitment to grow while respecting the quality of life enjoyed by all in our community.

As one of Seattle’s first and oldest neighborhoods, we enjoy a rich and diverse mix of residents, businesses, housing and transportation choices, parks and unique opportunities within which to live, work and play.   Our neighborhood encompasses the upper village business district and higher densities together with single and multi-family opportunities.  Additionally, Uptown and the Seattle Center offer adjacent higher densities, the city’s arts and cultural district, and of course the Seattle Center and easy access to Puget Sound.

Over decades we have partnered with City Hall and regional partners to invite and accommodate growth and density, leveraging our unique location and assets including rich transit connections, Seattle Center, waterfront access and a significant diversity of housing choices.

Among committees that have met regularly for decades, the Land Use Review and Planning Committee (LURC) reviews projects of scale and provides community input to developers, owners and architects on behalf of our community. In addition the committee often provides important commentary to City Hall and project input to the West Design Review Board as well.

Martin Henry Kaplan, AIA, LURC Chair has a unique background that supports our appeal. Native to Seattle and principal of his architectural firm for four decades, he has served on a number of boards and commissions including the Seattle Planning Commission from 2004 to 2012.  He is volunteering his time to help lead this appeal.

Among many city initiatives Marty has worked on during his service on the Seattle Planning Commission, he was intimately involved in studying, analyzing, and authoring the current Backyard Cottage (DADU) legislation passed in 2010.  As an early proponent, he has consistently advocated for the responsible addition of Backyard Cottages.

His background in helping to review professional studies and environmental impacts associated with codifying the current DADU/ADU regulations offers a unique perspective and strong foundation for our appeal of the City’s ADU-EIS suggesting that there are no environmental impacts from eliminating all single-family zoning and converting all to multi-family allowing 3 residences on every property.