Protect Our Seattle Neighborhoods!

Mike O’Brien’s legislation is now rapidly moving forward to eliminate every single-family neighborhood and convert your property to tri-plex zoning!

Seattle Neighborhoods – an Urgent Call to Action!

Notice of Community Meeting

November 1st, 2018  QA Community Center  7-9pm

Here is our Appeal

Update: 26 October 2018

The Queen Anne Community Council is appealing Councilmember Mike O’Brien’s attempt to eliminate all single-family zoning in every Seattle neighborhood!!  He favors converting every neighborhood and property to multi-family and encouraging 3 houses and tri-plexes on every single family property.  If advanced, we will lose the very heart and soul of our city and our cherished neighborhoods as we know them.  This is a huge city-wide citizen concern and challenge!  Please support us by volunteering and helping to fund this critical appeal that represents you, your neighbors, and all our city-wide neighborhoods.

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Significant Concerns

  • In 2015 Mike O’Brien secretly introduced legislation to eliminate every single-family neighborhood and allow 3 residences on every property together with many other extreme and significant changes.
  • He attempted to illegally advance this largest change in Seattle’s zoning in history without performing one study of environmental impacts or even asking you for your concerns and important input.
  • He held that doing so would pose no environmental impacts from allowing 3 houses on every single-family property, no on-site parking requirement, 12 unrelated people to live on each property, no ownership requirement, among many other obvious and significant impacts.
  • Queen Anne prevailed in appealing this ideological and unstudied march to eliminate all our single-family neighborhoods and required the City to lawfully study within an EIS all the provisions and provide proof that there are no impacts!
  • The Accessory Dwelling Unit – Final Environmental Impact Statement (ADU-EIS) was just released on October 4, 2018.
  • Without an appeal, Mike O’Brien would likely have the City Council soon vote to eliminate every single-family neighborhood and encourage rampant speculation, displacement, and destruction of affordable housing and our cherished neighborhoods – the soul of our city!
  • Together with thousands of Seattleites, we have studied the City’s EIS analysis of potential impacts and have found EIS to be seriously deficient and inadequate in both defining the true impacts, analyzing alternatives, and amending the proposed legislation to respect over 350,000 citizens who reside in our diverse, unique, and very special  neighborhoods.
  • Please read the ‘Why Our Appeal’ tab above to gain a clear understanding of our appeal and your need to become extremely concerned, grab your neighbors, get involved, volunteer and help us fund our appeal to hold Mike O’Brien and our City Hall accountable for respecting our rights to continue enjoying living, working, and playing within in our single-family neighborhoods we cherish and that define the foundation and soul of our city!

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